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Our mission is to empower people so that they can enjoy life, with better health.

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Our organisation was founded by two medical doctors who are passionate about educating and supporting people affected by type 2 diabetes.

We empower people to achieve better health so they can regain their confidence and enjoy life.

The founders are husband and wife team Dr Amanda and Dr Paul and they bring their expertise to the programme as Medical Doctors and Lifestyle Medicine Physicians.

They also bring their knowledge and first-hand experience of reversing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes through lifestyle from their time working in the UK and New Zealand.

Created By Doctors, Loved By Members

We understand that prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are difficult to manage and that it impacts you differently from somebody else; because you are a unique person. We are also very aware that there is a lack of professional support and a lot of overwhelming, confusing and often conflicting information out there.

Making lifestyle behaviour changes that are sustainable is also much easier said than done, which is where our programme brings everything together; in a simple approach that makes long-term success more likely.

Our programme is independent, trustworthy, practical and provides supportive professional help in a more accessible and easier to understand way, so that you can take charge of your health and enjoy life.

To help you succeed we offer an:

• Online premium lifestyle platform
• Flexible and personalised programmes
• Interactive qualified nutritionist health coaching
• 1-to-1 or group support options

We want to help people build back the confidence that they might have lost since being diagnosed so they can make positive lifestyle changes, to get the best results and enjoy better health.

Meet Our Team

Husband and wife team Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Amanda Porch have long focused on lifestyle as a form of medicine, particularly for insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Their passion for the treatment of Diabetes was further fuelled during their time living and working as Medical Doctors in New Zealand.

It was during this time in New Zealand that they became more acutely aware of the growing Australasian Health and Wellness movement. This led them to becoming fully qualified Lifestyle Medicine Physicians and Health and Wellness Coaches. Taking their expertise from New Zealand, Dr. Paul and Dr. Amanda founded Diabetes Lifestyle Doctors to help those affected by pre diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes access high quality help, no matter where they live.

Dr Amanda Porch

Co-Founder, COO & CMO


  • MBBS
  • MFTM RCS (Glasg)
  • Lifestyle Medicine Diploma (IBLM/BSLM)
  • IHS Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching

Fun Fact

Amanda loves scuba diving, dancing, cheesy music, being a mummy, long walks, and she used to enjoy intrepid adventure travel (pre-toddler!)

Dr Paul Baker

Co-Founder & CEO


  • BSc
  • MBBS
  • Lifestyle Medicine Diploma (IBLM/BSLM)
  • IHS Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Fitgenes Practitioner

Fun Fact

Paul is a keen traveler who enjoys scuba diving in wrecks and with sharks. He also likes mountain biking and camping in the great outdoors

Jess Uffindell

Senior Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach


  • BSc Hons Nutritional Therapy
  • DipBCNH
  • mBANT
  • mCNHC

More about me

I am an experienced online coach with a background in personalised nutrition and fitness. I provide encouragement, and professional and emotional support, my areas of focus are type 2 diabetes, weight loss, and fitness.

I love running with my dog, cooking, and spending time with friends and family around the dinner table.

Shirley Adu-Ntiamoah

Senior Registered Diabetes Dietitian


  • BSc Biomedical Science
  • MSc Nutrition
  • Diploma in Dietetics
  • PhD in Dietetics and Nutrition (Current)

More about me

I am a highly motivated, weight management and Senior Diabetes Registered Dietitian currently also undertaking a doctoral degree in digital family weight management interventions.

I understand that when it comes to diabetes management one size does not fit all, so I work with clients to create personalised plans that take into account their medical history, their likes and dislikes, and work and family commitments to ensure that their intervention fits into their lifestyle.

In my spare time, I enjoy designing clothes and accessories and I also love long walks!

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